Hallo peeps! This time Mr Meko want to try spawn his betta's.After having many failure,he attempt to spawn his betta again,and hope his spawn will be at successful rate! Hey Ho lads!

Previous spawn was a failure. Only one manage to get through. That is Red CTPK[f1] vs Red CTPK [f1]. Both have green irid's on their body.

This time Mr Meko will follow Spawn Techniques according to the books/article.Not his way anymore.

This is the list that the fish he want to spawn :

1.Red Dragon Copper[f1][M] Vs Red Copper[f1][f]

2.Black Dragon Copper[f1][m] Vs Black Copper [f1][f]

3.Black Dragon Copper[f1][m] Vs Yellow Dragon [f]

The objectives for spawn 1&2 is to get more dragon scales!and thickening the mask,while the spawn num 3 is just a testing spawn.

I will let them see each other for one week,and until i come back from my college,i supposed they are ready to spawn! yeahaa!

Ok lads.here are some of the pictures!