what type of food must i give to my precious fries?

This is the most famous question among new breeders. Even i also had this question 6 months ago.This post will help u to solve the question.I hope so la! hehe =)

So here are some food that i gave to my fries :

1. Liquid fry

There are 2 types of Liquifry , that are :

Liquifry 1 .

"Liquifry No. 1 has been formulated with tiny food particles for small egg laying fry. Liquifry No. 1 will also stimulate infusoria (microscopic natural organisms), which baby fish will eat."

Liquifry 2 . "Has been formulated with larger food particles for live bearing fry. For best results start feeding with Liquifry 2 immediately after the fish are born."

I prefer using Liqiuifry 1,coz from my experience is the best food for my one day fries.

2. Microworm@MW

"Microworm [MW] is one of the easiest live foods to culture and harvest for egg layer fry like betta." - Betta4u.com

This is the second stage food that i give to my fries.It easier to culture.i feed this to Fries age between 1-2 weeks

3. Baby Brine Shrimps @ BBS

Brine shrimp, also known as artemia, are a boon to tropical fish keepers. They can be used as food for fish of all sizes. They can be fed live or frozen and even freeze-dried. Processed brine shrimp can usually be obtained from almost any pet shop. The live shrimp may be a little harder to find, but they are worth it.
Live baby brine shrimp are the best source of food for fry. The eggs are easily hatched in a solution of salt water, then strained through a fine net and fed to the fry.

Ussually i fed this to 2-5 weeks fries

4. Daphnia.

"Daphnia (or Daphnids) are members of a collection of animals that are broadly termed as "water fleas"." -caudata.org

Fries will grow faster if they been fed with this food.but i am too lazy to go to jalan pasar to buy this food.hehe..if i have time i might go and buy this food.

I fed to 3-7 weeks fries.

5. BloodWorms

This is for my big big big fry.ussually i give frozen bw to them,but if i am not lazy,i give live bw to them.Ussually i fed this to 2.5 months - Die.hehe

Thats all folks!