Frozen Daphnia and oxygen aeration system

Having problem with food supply for you fries?That is the frequent thing that happen to all breeder.Yes of course we have bbs,but sometimes the bbs didn't hatch,we have daphnia but not all local fish store sell it..One of my friend ,and who is also my sifu in betta knowledge had come with an idea. Using frozen daphnia with the bubble aeration. The trick is very simple.Froze the daphnia,from the ice cube cut into few pieces,than throw it in the aquarium full of hungry fries.. But fries wont ignore dead creature... And there's come the bubble aeration job,circulate the frozen daphnia around the aquarium,so daphnia will look like swimming around their eyes. This will attract the fry attention,and they will eat it.Eddy uses this method when the fries are 3 weeks and above.Eddy said " The first time he trys this method only the "taiko" in the aquarium will ate it,but the next 2,3 days,all the fries start to follow the "taiko" eating.Here's some picture that i snaped when i visit Eddy's Betta Lane in Unitem

Look at their tummy!

Clear Water

Fries enjoyed the frozen daphnia

Feeding Frenzy


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