Hi all

Hepi new year all visitors!

sorry coz i didnt update the blog for a long time due to lack of time,bz working. hehe. 1st time working,so alot of thing i need to catch up. So this are some of my updates :

1. From hundreads of fries,now there are 4 only left (age 1 1/2 month) due to lack of attention & lack of food source (picture next week)

2. Both of the parent died,so i'm planning to buy new one.

3. Next will be solid color.

4.Maybe in 2-4 months,i will create one online magazine call "MekoBetta e-Zine".Still under development.
p/s : does anyone love to write article about fish ? espeacially on betta... can send to mekoarts@gmail.com

5.Thank You for following my blog.Will update another post next week.