Mekobetta - Fries Picture (Spawn Date 18/12/2010)

Hello readers! How are you? Ok in this post i want to show some of my fries from Marble Black Copper Vs Black Copper Dragon on 18/12/2010.Click here to see the spawn log : Second Attempt Spawning

Herm,where to start,ok,i start with this picture :

Fries were 1 month old.Slow grow rate because unscheduled eating time and inconstant food supply.How ever this spawn crashed 3 weeks before i write this post.Died mysteriously.I think it was the quality of the water was very poor.Well,it's ok,i can try next time.In the other post i will show you my recent betta's that i bought from Brada Ai.(Black Copper Full Mask).Thanks for reading!


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