Betta tail type (Veil Tail)

Veil tail... we common find this tail type of betta in pet shop,aquarium shop and common shop that sells fish.. Often sell between RM 1 to RM 3.. Back in 1998, i used to buy veil tail to fight with my friends (tsk tsk tsk) cruel old days...What is Veiltail ? According to wikipedia Veiltail is : extended finnage length and non-symmetrical tail; caudal fin rays usually only split once..

Here are some of the veil tail pictures :

wikipedia source

I read one of the article  about " Should betta fish breeders stop breeding veil tail bettas " by Christhie F .. Quite interesting article.. The question by the author is  "What do you guys think? Is it time to move on and put the veil tail betta behind us?"     You guys decide!


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