Black Copper Full Mask Male Vs Black Copper Full Mask Female

Hi Bloggers/readers!In this post,i would like to continue picture posting on Black Copper Full Mask Vs Black Copper Full Mask female(16/1/2011)Part1. Before i spawn the betta,i prepared the " Love Room" for the pair.Here some of the "Love Room" pictures :

1.5 f tank . I fill the tank with 2/5 of the tank with water that have been kept for one night
I cut the paper cup into half to make a place where my male betta can make bubble nest

I use the vitagen bottle to make a hiding place for the female

Plup!and there goes the male,inside the tank

Male start to swim around the tank,and i kept the male inside the spawning tank for one night.

Day 2 : 18/01/2011 : Put the female inside the spawning tank

Male dancing around the female,while singing a song of Van Halen,Can't Stop Loving You
"Oh, I'm so twisted and tied
And all I remember
Was how hard we tried
Only to surrender "

The female is going towards the male betta

Male keep's on singing Van Halen Song, 
"I can't stop lovin' you
And no matter what I say or do
You know my heart is true, oh
I can't stop loving you "

OMG! Van Halen song did work to court the female  =). The vertical stripes at the female body shows that it is ready to spawn  =)

I put a piece of cloth on the tank spawn to make a privacy for the pair.

To Be Continued!Stay Tune Guys!


  1. are u selling one of those black copper betta?
    kinda interested to the female one..but its hard to find in penang me at ( )if u're selling them..thx :)

    1. Sorry for the late reply,sorry all the copper betta was sold out. For the meantime, we just play solid color,thx for asking though

  2. very nice male and female.. can't wait to see the fry :p

  3. why my male dont move after the mating?? never happen to me before this..

  4. why my male after its mating it looks like sleepy?dont move at all,just put its head outside water..


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